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Hôtel 5*

Charm and refinement

of the Palace
Before being a luxury hotel of the Annecy Lake, the Palace de Menthon had a first life! Built in 1906 by the Gruffaz brothers (one a chef, the other a maître d’hôtel), the Palace was not yet the high-end hotel we know today.
Before becoming an integral part of the Palace, the beach on the shores of the Annecy Lake belonged to the Société des Bains de Menthon which was created following the discovery of the Sulphur Springs in the 19th century, which were already known and exploited by the Romans.
In 1924, the Palace of Menthon had new owners: Mr and Mrs Martin. The establishment of the Annecy Lake was then only open during the summer period: from June to the end of August. From 1987 the Palace was sold to the Espace Tourisme Group, that major renovation work was undertaken, including the installation of electric heating. The latter enabled the charming hotel to double its opening period and to host conferences and seminars.
The end of the 20th century was marked by the visits of numerous personalities from the world of politics, to business, the arts and entertainment who wished to enjoy an exceptional stay between the lake and the mountains.
In 1991, Alcatel Group bought the Palace de Menthon and completely overhauled it in order to make the prestigious Annecy hotel we know today. However, from 1996 to 2006, the establishment was exclusively dedicated to hosting seminars, conventions, conferences, weddings, and other professional events and private receptions in Annecy…
With the Buildinvest Group, the Palace once again opens its doors to outside clients. It now has a gourmet restaurant, two bars, 67 atypical rooms including the Lili’s House, as well as numerous reception rooms, ideal for organising professional or private events: weddings, christenings, bar mitzvahs, cocktails, gala dinners, showrooms, product launches…
The Palace de Menthon is today a 5-star hotel that continues to write a beautiful story in a grandiose setting on the side of the its new wner : Jean-Claude LAVOREL.